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Each and every army and military organization throughout world history has used helmets to safeguard their own fighting soldiers in combat. Every country has had their own distinctive designs plus the shapes, styles and sizes have made a number of quite significant changes as helmets have developed throughout the conflicts and ages.

The United States by itself has had a number of quite interesting changes from the experimental style WWI Liberty Bell helmet and WWI Doughboy helmets to the more traditional WWII Army Fixed Bail M-1 helmets and the Vietnam era US Army M-1 helmets. In addition to many other utility helmets such as Tanker and Paratrooper helmets. There have also been a number of Flight and Pilot helmets throughout the years.

The German helmets whilst having a very distinctive look experienced not much change from WWI through WWII. When ever talking about unique appearances you can’t leave out the German WWI Pickelhaube Spiked helmet.

The British equally experienced several distinctive designs with the British Air Defense Zuckerman helmets to the Paratrooper together with Artillery helmets along with the WWII Turtle Shell MK III helmets.

Both the Spanish and also French had what they called M26 helmets however they had simply no similarities. The Spanish M26 resembled the German M-35 helmet while the French Adrian M-26 looked more like our current day firefighter helmets.


WW2 Japanese Vintage Money Box Army Helmet with key
WW2 Japanese Vintage Money Box Army Helmet with key


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Ww II Vintage Metal Helmet
Ww II Vintage Metal Helmet


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Vintage WW2 US GI American Helmet With Liner
Vintage WW2 US GI American Helmet With Liner


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